A new support group for younger stroke survivors

The UK Charity, Different Strokes have started a new group in Chatham for stroke survivors under 65. Are you interested?
Image shows a group  of people chatting in a circle. The text say, Are you under 65? Have you had a stroke?

In the UK, over 100,000 people have a stroke or mini-stroke every year.  Most people who have strokes are over 65, but one in four strokes happen in younger people.

Whatever your age, it can be very isolating when you've had a stroke. So knowing that you are not alone and that other people are also reclaiming their lives after stroke can help reduce feelings of isolation. 

This new group will be a place where younger stroke survivors can meet other people affected by stroke. 

If you are interested in joining the new support group in Chatham, get in touch with Carly Edwards-Day on 07538 990 463. 

When is the first meeting?

The first meeting is at the Travelodge Chatham Maritime, Western Avenue, Chatham Historic Dockyard, Chatham ME4 4NT on Thursday 24th October at 11.00am.

Interested in knowing more about being a younger stroke survivor? Check out Different Strokes to see all the information in this article and more here.

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