Healthwatch Manager - Martyn Cheesman

Martyn has overall responsibility for Healthwatch Medway. He is supported by a great team of volunteers plus Harrison & Emma-Sue.

Our staff

Harrison Kidd - Projects and Engagement Officer 

We keep Harrison very busy! He's often out and about listening to people's recent experiences of visiting either NHS or social care services. He wants to hear all about what went well and what could be improved. He'll then use that feedback to focus on specific issues. So for example, if lots of you are telling us that you're finding it hard to get a dentist appointment, then Harrison will focus on dentistry and find out more details so we can encourage services to change.

Emma-Sue Willows - Intelligence & Reporting Officer

Emma-Sue is a data whizz! She will review and analyse all the feedback that you share with us. She's looking for the themes and trends, but also the individual stories that we need to escalate for action.

Marianne, Lynn, Phill & Sophie - Support, Information & Research

All four of these lovely people are on hand ready to take your call. They have big listening ears if you want to tell them what it was like last time you visited a health or social care service. They equally have lots of knowledge about how the 'system' works and can answer many of your questions about how to make a complaint or help you to understand what your rights are.

Drop them a line

Our volunteers

Steering Group

Our Steering Group is made up of volunteers. Together they look at the information and feedback we are hearing from you and use that to determines our priorities and goals.

Their remit is to define, shape and implement what we want to achieve; and is a core part of our governance structure.

They meet on a monthly basis to determine how best to get the most impact from your stories.