What is Healthwatch doing to help right now?

Everyone has been thinking about how they can help during the Corona epidemic. Here is a snapshot of what the Healthwatch Medway team has been doing.
corona newsletter

Supporting NHS volunteers

We're doing a weekly newsletter for the hundreds of people who are unable to undertake their volunteer roles in Medway & Kent hospitals due to the Coronavirus.  Nearly 2,000 people are now getting our weekly newsletter which keeps them connected with what's going on in their hospitals and hopefully brings them a little bit of cheer.  

Our newsletters free up NHS staff to focus on front line activities so hopefully gives them a little bit of help.  If you'd like your organisation to benefit from our newsletters : Bringing Volunteers Together, just let us know

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Keeping you uptodate about services 

Many of Medway's health and social care services are continuing to operate albeit in a slightly different way. It's a confusing and constantly changing picture so we've been sharing a daily update on what services are available and how to find them. 

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Supporting your wellbeing

Most of us are feeling anxious or stressed at the moment. It's totally natural as we all adapt to being at home. It's important that we make time to look after ourselves so we're offering a Daily Tip for your wellbeing on our Facebook and Twitter channels. Take a look, there might be something that would help you.



Ensuring your voice is heard

Your experiences of health and social care are just as important as always. All of us still need to use health and social care services, even if we don't have Coronavirus. We're part of regular conversations about emergency planning for services right now so it's important that we hear from you what your experience is right now.

Share your experiences of health and social care during lockdown

Share your experiences of mental health services 

If you have feedback about services for people with physical disabilities 


Our Helpline remains open for anyone who needs help finding the right service for you or for people who want to share their story directly with us.

You can reach us on freephone 0800 136 656  or email enquiries@healthwatchmedway.com

Share your thoughts

You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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