Are you an adult who receives care?

Are you the relative, or friend, of someone who does? Do you consider yourself vulnerable? Do you know someone that could be vulnerable? Then this announcement is for you.
are you vulnerable?

A new plan for how people in Kent & Medway will be kept safe has just been published. It’s a draft at the moment, and they want to hear your thoughts, especially if you have had experience of the adult care system.

Your feedback will be used to help improve the plan before it is finalised later this year

What is in the plan?

The draft plan is built around making sure that those of us who receive care are at the heart of everything. For that to happen three main policies have been included.

These are;

  • Promoting Person Centred Safeguarding which means putting adults at the centre of their work
  • Strengthening System Assurance which means they will check that organisations are working well together to support vulnerable adults
  • Embedding Improvement and Shape Future Practice which means they will help the organisations their work with to keep getting better

Overall the new plan should enable the best possible safeguarding to happen and ensure that all the organisations involved in care are working together to support people.

Your feedback will make a difference. Every single piece of feedback will be read and taken into account before the final plan is written and then agreed by the Kent & Medway Adult Safeguarding Board. All your feedback will be confidential and no personal or identifying details will not be included.

The draft plan includes a commitment to listen to the mistakes of the past and make sure those mistakes cannot happen again by improving the issues that led to the mistakes happening. The draft plan also includes a commitment to make sure activities that are risky and dangerous are not allowed so that harm does not come to those most vulnerable in society.

The Kent and Medway Safeguarding Adults Board is made up of Kent County Council, Medway Council, Kent Police, Health, Local Councils, Kent Fire and Rescue Service, Prison Service and advocacy organisations. That range means pretty much anyone who might be involved in a persons care will be subject to the plan and highlights just why everyone affected should submit feedback.

Both the draft plan and consultation are available in a range of versions and languages to help make sure as many people as possible can access it – nobody is being allowed to miss out on giving their views.

The consultation lasts until the 20th June so don’t miss out on having your say. Everyone’s experience is important and deserves to be heard.

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