What people told us about Canada House, Medway

We hear from people all over Medway about community mental health services. Although some of it is positive, the majority are negative stories from people and their Carers. Take a look to see what people have told us about their experiences.
front cover for the report, showing two people sitting outside of door in the community mental health clinic


We wanted to understand more about the issues people are facing when using the community mental health service.

At the same time, the Care Quality Commission inspected the service and identified areas that needed to improve. Following that inspection, we have been working with the organisations which commission and provide the community mental health service to gather feedback from the people who use the service.

We visited six clinics in partnership with Healthwatch Kent across Medway and Kent and have spoken to 89 people about their experience.

Three findings from our visits

  1. Most people felt involved in their care.
  2. Telephone calls were not answered in an efficient manner. 
  3. People told us they hadn't found the mental health crisis service helpful when they experienced a crisis.


If you need this report in a different format, please email Healthwatch Medway at enquiries@healthwatchmedway.com or call 0800 136 656.

Dowload experiences of patients at the community mental health clinic in Canada House

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