Spotlight on Maternity Services in Medway

In May 2019, we spoke to 38 people in the antenatal unit about their experience.
Front cover of the maternity report. The illustration is of two hands supporting a new born baby. The text reads


During our two visits to Medway Maritime Hospital Antenatal department, we proactively sought feedback from women who are currently using their service.

Find out what we heard in our report below.

Key findings

  • 12 people said they found the staff to be kind and friendly

  • 12 people said their partners felt involved with the staff talking to both of them during appointments

  • 10 people said they feel informed and when there are delay’s they are kept in the loop

“My partner feels involved when he comes to the appointments with me.”
— Medway Resident


Spotlight on Maternity Services in Medway

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