How have Medway residents coped during Covid?

Ever since March, we have been gathering feedback from Medway residents about how they have been coping.

People have been telling us about the challenges to get food and medicine, but we've also heard how others have adjusted to being at home and spending more time with their family. We've heard stories about financial hardship, mental health worries, operations being cancelled and difficulties getting a GP or dentist appointment. The list goes on.......

We've also been talking to voluntary organisations and support groups across Medway who have been working tirelessly to support their clients. They've taken the time to talk to us about how their clients are coping and share the issues that they have been seeing each week.

All the feedback we've heard has been shared directly with decision makers to ensure they know what it's like for people right now. The feedback helps them to plan and adapt services to help us all.

Do you have a story to tell?

We want to hear about everything!  Have you tried to get a GP appointment? Have you managed to see a dentist? Are you struggling to get a Covid test or are you waiting for a new date for an operation. What about your mental health, are you worried about the next few months?

Talk to us and we'll make sure decision makers understand.

Call us on 0800 135 656 or email


Check out all the feedback we've heard so far:

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