The Healthwatch Medway Guide to Pre-consultation & Engagement

During our work to scrutinise consultations; poor pre-consultation engagement was the main area vulnerable to legal challenge via judicial review.

We worked with providers and commissioners across Medway to discuss the barriers and challenges they face around effective engagement.

We have compiled this guide to summarise the benefits of engagement but also to remind you of your responsibilities to engage with the public effectively.

If you are planning a change to a health or social care service, we would encourage you to get in touch. We can offer advice about how best to meet your requirements and ensure the public are involved from an early stage in your discussions.

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Alongside our Guide to Pre-consultation is our Best Practice Guide to Consultations which clearly sets out the stages that you must adhere to during any significant service change.

Healthwatch Medway Engagement & Best Practice Guide
Healthwatch Medway Best Practice Guide to Consultation

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