Learning lessons from Covid in our pharmacies

Last year, over 100 community pharmacists told us what life had been like for them during the first wave of the Covid pandemic. Now, we've gone back to them to see what lessons have been learned since our first report.
Pharmacy & Covid

In partnership with Healthwatch Kent, we spoke to 40 community pharmacists to understand how things had changed.

55% of pharmacies said staff morale has improved since the first wave of the pandemic, but 32.5% told us it hadn’t.

87.5% told us the response to equipment and PPE requests has improved since the first wave of the pandemic.

80% told us they do not feel access to primary care has improved for them.

52.5% could identify areas of the community which they felt are still digitally excluded from accessing services.

Everything we heard has been published in our report which you can find below. We've made a number of recommendations and we'll be working with pharmacies and organisations to help make our recommendations a reality.

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Healthwatch report Pharmacies & Covid Lessons Learned

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