How does Asthma impact your daily life?

One in 12 people have asthma. That means that thousands of people in Medway are dealing with the effects of asthma every day. We heard from some Medway residents about their story.
How does asthma affect your daily life?

Thirteen people came forward to share their experience of living with asthma. They told us how asthma effects their lives and the support they get from the NHS and local community groups.

Over last year it’s been tricky to get hold of an asthma nurse. I am supposed to have an annual asthma review but because of COVID it just didn’t happen.
— Medway resident
Friends have been saying ‘oh you can come out and meet up now’ but I am going to isolate until I’ve had my second injection. I am anxious about coming out again
— Medway resident
I’m unable to go some places in the winter. I can’t go to high streets due to all the smoking.
— Medway asthma patient

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We've made a number of recommendations including a wish that more people are aware of Medway Asthma Self Help (MASH) which is a support group for people living in Medway who have asthma. MASH offers a free appointment with an asthma nurse. For more information about MASH click here 

MASH can also help you:

  •  Have asthma allergy testing

  •  Have a lung function test

  •  Receive advice on treatment and using inhalers


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