How are you doing in lockdown 2.0?

As we all face another lockdown and uncertain times ahead, please remember that there is support is available to you, and your family, during lockdown 2.0
looking after you in lockdown

Medway Council is offering support to people who need help.

They can help with:

  • making sure you have enough food and supplies
  • picking up prescriptions

If you need support, contact them on 01634 333 103 or email 

If you're feeling lonely or isolated

Then there's help for you too.

The befriending team can make sure you have someone to talk. So if you know someone who is on their own, and self-isolating, you (or they) can get in touch and the team will do their best to help.

Email or phone 01634 564 939

Looking after YOU

It's important that you take time to look after yourself during these uncertain times. There is no rule book that tells you how you should feel or what you should be doing.

If you need ideas about how to support your wellbeing, Mind, the mental health charity, have put together practical tips to help you. 

Find out more

Talk to us

Tell us how you are feeling. Tell us about your worries.

We're not a counselling service, but we can make sure decision makers understand what it's like for you right now. It's important that they hear how lockdown is affecting you, and your family, so that they can plan services accordingly.

Get in touch with us anytime on 0800 136 656 or email 

If you'd rather not chat to a real person, then you can always complete our online form here.

Share your thoughts

You can help make health and care services better by sharing your experiences and ideas.

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