Can you claim carers support if you have recently moved to the UK?

The short answer is yes! But it can be complicated so we have more detail for you.

Erica contacted us because she had recently moved back to the UK from New Zealand to support her parents. Her mother has recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Erica is now a full time carer. However, she was told she couldn’t claim Carer’s Allowance because she had previously lived abroad.

We got advice for Erica from Healthwatch England and the Citizen’s Advice Bureau. Now we want to share it with you in case you are in a similar situation.

The Citizen’s Advice Bureau told us you are entitled to Carers Allowance if;

  • You have lived in Great Britain for 2 out of the last 3 years
  • You may also be eligible if you’ve got a ‘genuine and sufficient link’ to the UK.

What’s a ‘genuine and sufficient link’?

Examples could include:

you’ve lived in the UK for nearly 2 years

you work, or are self-employed in the UK

you have a family member who works, or is self-employed, in the UK

you have close family in the UK who you rely on for care and support

you get certain benefits in the UK


It’s still best to seek advice 

The rules in this area are complicated and it’s best to get advice before you apply.

Your nearest Citizens Advice Bureau can help you. 

Find your nearest one here 

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