It’s Time to Talk about Mental Health

We need to look after both our mental and physical health.
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A quarter of us will be affected by mental health issues every year. That means that several people you know right now could be struggling.  

Although we are much more aware and understanding of mental health than ever before there is still less less visibility and potentially stigma around issues like schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. 
This year, the 2nd of February is Time to Talk Day which aims to bring attention to mental health experiences, improve understanding of our needs and share information about the support that is available. 

You are not alone 

Those of us who have been through a mental health illness know that it can be confusing, frightening and upsetting – especially when you are facing it for the first time. 

All of us will know someone who has experienced a mental health problem. Even the most confident and bubbly person could be struggling.  

With the right combination of care, treatment and support, it is more than likely you will find a way of managing your mental health and returning to enjoying life. 

Types of mental health problem 

Though different, certain mental health experiences will have similar symptoms and certain symptoms can occur across more than one issue, potentially leading to several diagnoses at once. It can feel really overwhelming to be trying to understand and manage multiple health concerns at once. 

The mental health charity Mind, have created a support guide which helps us to understand our diagnosis. It’s like an A – Z of mental health problems! Check it out here here 

Other places to get help and information  

We want to hear your story 

Did you get the help and support you needed for your mental health? 

By telling us your story, we can work to improve the services for other people like you. 

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