How did people cope during November?

Every month during the pandemic, we have been sharing with decision makers what life is really like for you right now. In November, you talked to us about a whole range of issues. Key themes are:
how did people cope in November

In November, you talked to us about a whole range of issues. Key themes are:

Delays in stroke rehabilitation services

Ongoing concerns about Covid within schools and universities

Positive reaction to the news visitors were permitted at the Maternity Unit

Concerns about hospital care

Challenges to get GP appointments

I needed to attend A&E at Medway Maritime Hospital as I broke my foot. From being dropped off to having an X-ray and leaving the plaster room was little over an hour. Absolute terrific service. I applaud all of them.
— Medway resident
I had to have an ambulance come from Dartford for my son as there were no ambulances in Medway. It has taken 5 hours just to get him to the hospital.
— Medway resident

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We want to hear about everything!  Have you tried to get a GP appointment? Have you managed to see a dentist? Are you struggling to get a Covid test or are you waiting for a new date for an operation. What about your mental health, are you worried about the next few months?

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