Understanding Care Homes near you

Having concluded our visits to 15 Care Homes across Kent & Medway talking to residents, their families and staff about the Enhanced Health in Care Home programme we have now completed our stakeholder facing report and have now shared our findings with Aging Well.

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Health and Care Partnership specific reports (divided into the related geographical areas of North, South, East and West Kent) are being presented to the relevant groups across August.

The findings will help shape how the Enhanced Health in Care Homes (EHCH) model continues to be delivered across Kent and Medway and contribute to a wider care home strategy.

The purpose of our visits was to understand how Enhanced Health is benefiting the care that residents receive and where there are areas that could be improved.

Full report will be available later in September  

More fully understanding the experience of care in Kent and Medway

The Integrated Care Board has further resourced Healthwatch to continue their support of Kent and Medway care homes by listening to workforce needs.

Visits for this are being planned with relevant homes to be completed across the coming months. Opportunities for Volunteer involvement will be shared soon.


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