Do you need financial help? Do you live in Medway? Then this announcement is for you.

Medway Council have announced that they have been awarded over £2 million to assist the many people in Medway who are struggling with the cost of living.

The scheme, known as the Household Support Fund, will offer financial help to you if you are really struggling.

To qualify you must have less than £500 in your bank account and not have any access to funds which could otherwise be used to pay for what the fund is covering. You must also have a national insurance number to able to apply. However, if successful the sums will be very helpful and are as follows;

Help to buy food and household essentials

  • If you live on your own, you will receive vouchers worth £50
  • Households with two people will receive vouchers worth £70
  • If you have three people in your house, you will receive vouchers worth £105
  • Households with four occupants will receive vouchers worth £140
  • Households with five occupants will receive vouchers worth £175
  • If your house has six or more people living there, you will receive vouchers worth £210

Fuel Help

If you have a pre-paid meter, you will be sent a voucher worth £30 to make sure your fuel supply doesn’t get cut off

Households who do not have a prepaid meter will find £50 automatically deducted from your next bill.

Water help

You will get an additional £50 voucher to help you to pay the water bill.

Energy and Housing costs

The Council will review you on a case by case basis to see what support you may receive towards your energy and household costs.

This announcement unfortunately will not cover Mortgages, personal debts or clothing. Nor does it cover Council Tax but help with paying that is available via the Council Tax Discretionary Relief scheme, the Council Tax Extreme Hardship Scheme and the Discretionary Energy rebate scheme.

The council has also announced £750,000 has been set aside to help pensioners across Medway to deal with the cost of living while it’s also been confirmed that £200,000 has been donated to local charities to help provide food to the most in need residents.

The Council has also confirmed that the existing free school meals scheme will continue until at least 2024 and there is confirmation of the continuation of the Holiday Activities and Food programme until at least 2025. The programme will continue to only run during the Christmas, Easter and Summer holidays with other arrangements covering other school holidays.

Overall this package of help should be at least a small comfort to those suffering from the cost of living.

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